In previous blog posts, we connected the Shopify shop to Printify, created T-Shirts designs, and publish products back to the Shopify store.

Today we would like to make final changes to the Shopify configuration and make it available to everyone.

Video content:

  • We started with assign a domain to our Shopify store
  • Then we reviewed the list of available collections and created an automatic collection with the best products
  • We also modified the template of the homepage of the default Shopify theme
  • And checked the Product Details Page of the template together with other pages (like checkout)
  • We adjusted the Shipping configuration
  • And then activated Shopify Payments
  • And at the last step, we removed password protection from the shop and make it LIVE


You can find our online shop at https://setlic.com

It still has a limited number of products, but we will continue adding a new set of products and in the following videos export them to Amazon & eBay.

What next?

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Next week we will start with registration on the Amazon marketplace and show how to apply for GTIN exemption, so we can sell Print on Demand products without the requirement to have a barcode.

Please let us know if you have any questions, or just share the shops you have built.

Stay tuned!