Stand with Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation cowardly attacked independent Ukraine. They are waging a dirty information war against the whole world and direct armed warfare on the territory of Ukraine.

Russia invaded Ukraine. There is a war here. It’s not only soldiers who die daily, but lots of civilians, including children. Russians are shelling hospitals and kindergartens in Ukraine.

Russian war against Ukraine leaves us not only stunned, but also worried about the future.

What people are currently experiencing in Ukraine is frightening and unimaginable and makes us very concerned.

Part of our Salestio team come from Ukraine or live there. So, it is very personal for all of us.

Stand With Ukraine

The Ukrainian nation shows unprecedented resilience in Russia’s bloody war. Standing with Ukraine these days means supporting freedom and democracy in Europe.

How can I help? There are many ways to help Ukraine. The very detailed information of all way to help, could be found on dedicated website:

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!