What our customers say about Salestio


“The best support we did ever get from an app developer. We had several problems connecting our products, but the team is trying hard to fix these bugs. Thank you!”

November 25, 2022 (Shopify)

“We are using Salestio to connect Shopify to our eBay account. The support I have received is amazing with personal assistance when needed including video calling and screen sharing. I now have many products setup and am using the interface. It's working great. Once setup the management is way easier than the old native shopify integration. Well done Sales.io team (many thanks to Nadia also, who provided great support)”

Lulu's Stash
November 20, 2022 (Shopify)

“Great customer support, we had a few questions and got a reply very quickly by email. We got all our orders synced quickly. Thank you!”

November 2, 2022 (Shopify)

“Great support! Alex the company owner contacted himself regarding an issue i had and fixed it personally. Now its working its a great app and i highly recommend it and alex”

My Temptations
October 26, 2022 (Shopify)

“A few hiccups to start but the developers are very keen to please and addressed issues extremely quickly. I am currently only using this for Etsy orders which I am aware is in beta, but willing to be along for the ride based on my interactions with Alex.”

Lil Monsters Bird Toys
October 14, 2022 (Shopify)

“Great customer service and support, well done guys. The app itself has free plan as well, many apps with the same functionality don't have free plan or pay as you go plan.”

Smile Shop Australia
October 12, 2022 (Shopify)

“This app is quite complicated to use BUT they have a really good support team that will walk you through everything and answer all your questions. Without the support team, I would never have figured it out, but after they showed me what to do, it's not too hard. If you download it and are confused, just reach out to support and they will get you ready to go.”

War's End Shop
October 6, 2022 (Shopify)

“Salestio did in minutes what I've been trying to do for days! It uploaded my Shopify inventory to Amazon in minutes.”

Viking Girl Clothing Company
September 24, 2022 (Shopify)

“We use this integration to import orders from Amazon Canada to BigCommerce and it not only works but the amazing team at Salestio was also able to customize certain parameters that were very helpful to us. We will continue to use this software for the foreseeable future.”

Bigcommerce customer
September 16, 2022 (Bigcommerce)

“Ho installato e sto tutt'ora utilizzando l'app poichè mi ci trovo molto bene, l'assistenza è sempre disponibile e risponde anche nella mia lingua.”

July 18, 2022 (Shopify)

“Their support was super helpful in resolving any issues we had. The app works great and syncs our orders and tracking flawlessly.”

Smart Shipping Supply
June 28, 2022 (Shopify)

“We are using the app for more than half a year and I can say they are adding features regularly and are very responsive to the issues and bugs we are facing. Overall I would recommend and we look forward to working with them.”

June 7, 2022 (Shopify)

“We have used this application to link our Shopify products to Amazon and although at the beginning we had some problems, once the Amazon account was debugged, Salestio works perfectly updating in Amazon the prices and stocks of the products we want. We would also like to highlight the magnificent customer service offered by the application that has been helping and guiding us to solve the different problems or errors that have arisen. We are very satisfied with the result of the application in our business and we recommend it to anyone who wants to save time and money with the updates of stocks and prices of Amazon products.”

May 3, 2022 (Shopify)

“The app works good and for any problem they have an incredibile present and helpful Custommer Care team.”

Gioielleria Gagliardi
February 21, 2022 (Shopify)

“Support is very helpful. They even deployed custom fixes for my integration, so that everything synced well. thank you.”

Happy Vibes Mall
November 10, 2021 (Shopify)

“Salestio app makes the job perfectly and works as we expected. The ability to assign ASINs to our products on Seller Central is veryyy useful. The app might be a bit difficult for initial set up but Salestio Customer Service is extremely helpful and solved our requests very fast. We just added their eBay part to try selling on eBay. Looks good so far. Definitely recommend it!”

Backlineplus Shop
September 2, 2021 (Shopify)

“I had several issues trying to link my shopify and amazon stores. The team at Salestio was very helpful and worked with me to get everything updated.”

Chuck E. Cheese Store
August 31, 2021 (Shopify)

“Salestio is now a critical part of growing my business and I've come to rely on it within a short period of time. There's been a few teething issues, but the support team have been outstanding by replying very quickly and deploying fixes within 24 hours. Overall I would recommend and I look forward to exploring the eBay functionality when they add it.”

June 17, 2021 (Shopify)

“I have been using this app for a few days now and it is working perfectly - unlike my experience with a more established Amazon integration app. I installed it, configured it in a few minutes and then spent half an hour or so linking my 600+ Shopify products to the same products in my Amazon store. If you encounter an error the app tells you what it is and how to fix it - unlike the previous app I used. The interface is much more intuitive and way easier to use. Tech support is great and quite quick even factoring in the time zone difference. Highly recommended.”

Bunyip Toys
May 5, 2021 (Shopify)

“Very smooth setup and configuration, intuitive interface with all relevant data. Synch Shopify--Amazon works seamless, orders get automatically imported within less than a minute.”

April 16, 2021 (Shopify)

“This product does exactly what it says on the tin. As we can not integrate with Amazon with Shopify as we don't sell in USD we first tried Codisto, but this was extremely complicated. We then came across Salestio which is new on the app store and thought we would give it a try. The integration is seamless with instant updates when orders come in through Amazon to our online store, adding and removing products by collection or individually is a breeze, I can't recommend this app highly enough. Keep up the good work guys, this is one customer who wont be going anywhere!”

Accessories Warehouse
April 15, 2021 (Shopify)

“The app helped us sync orders from Amazon to Shopify. It also sends the tracking information back from Shopify to Amazon which is very helpful. The support is great and they helped us solve all of our issues, moreover they reply to our emails very quickly. So if you are looking for an app to sync orders between Amazon and Shopify, then I highly advice to try this one out. Lastly it also works for all of the marketplaces on Amazon.”

April 6, 2021 (Shopify)

“I would recommend this product.”

Alessio Startactec Shop
April 12, 2021 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“Many thanks to the devs team! detailed and advanced support!”

KUDLA Tor-industries Shop
July 22, 2020 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“This module is very useful! It is complete and allowds a lot of different possibilities to send the Prestashop products on Ebay market. I've found every functions I need except for one particular function regarding the product title, but I contacted the supplier and he was very kind and fast to solve my personal needing. In particular you can crest one Ebay different item for each combinations on Prestashop. I recommend this modul without doubts!”

May 7, 2020 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“Great module and excellent customer service!”

Martin Lymeherbs Shop
May 5, 2020 (PrestaShop Amazon)

“Very effective and quick customer service. Really amazing.”

Joan Kruskis Shop
April 26, 2020 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“Thank you”

Daniel König
April 8, 2020 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“Involic is great! When we need the they are there for us. We don't want any other company anymore for providing modules like prestabay and amazon integrations. We love the service and the free communication! Just need a good product to sell on ebay and Amazon? Don't look further you found it.”

Tim - OD&D (odnd.nl)
February 06, 2019 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“very good module, a team available, listening to help us take the hand and solve the problems I recommend completely, looking forward to discover your other modules”

R2tronik Shop
January 11, 2019 (PrestaShop Amazon)

“Ottimo modulo e assistenza al top! Il modulo funziona alla grande, una volta impostati tutti i parametri correttamente si inviano i prodotti su eBay in un lampo! Grazie Involic! ”

Marcello (chitarreampli.com)
September 1, 2018 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“Great ebay module.”

Johan B.
August 6, 2018 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“Good module for export products from Prestashop to Ebay”

Vanick K.
June 4, 2018 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“This module is incredible and have the best support I already "see" in all e-commerce teams I have worked. Alex is really a fantastic guy and have very good replys that explain everything you need to know. The best support! Thank you guys.”

Antonio C.
May 30, 2018 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“It works on multi-ebay account, good for listing and update items on ebay. But for orders management, it needs more improvement, example, please let us know the order was from which ebay account. If possible, please sync all buyer message from ebay.”

Zhen H.
April 5, 2018 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“After 6 years I come back to presta shop and Involic, confirm my feedback of 2012: "For users of prestashop, this form is the best way to sell on ebay. Finally, many useful functions in one module. The development team is available, always working to make improvements and changes. Sell on ebay since 2000, I finally found prestabay with a valid business tool that helps me to do so.”

Nicolò Grasso (bikesportadventure.com)
March 30, 2018 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“Very useful and practical add-on, does exactly what it says. Sincere compliments also to the developer, very keen on users getting the best out of the module, always available to ensure complete customer satisfaction. would certainly love to buy all modules I need if they have it because I'm sure any problem arising will be immediately solved. Good job pals, I appreciate all your assistance.”

February 19, 2018 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“Prestabay works as advertised. It takes some time to learn because it does so much. Once mapped and a cron job is set up, my Prestashop and eBay product inventory is synchronized. Today I discovered that when a product is sold out, the eBay listing ends. When the inventory is replenished, the eBay product is automatically relisted. This is what I need since many of my products are used and inventory is very low. Simply change the quantity in Prestashop and a few minutes later it's listed on eBay. Prestabay will also list my Prestashop products on eBay. This is a plus for my low inventory items since I can easily list those items on eBay and not waste my time.”

Ernest R.
January 3, 2018 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“Whilst the documentation that accompanies the module is lacking in detail (something I know the developers are continually working on, and have already, improved) the customer service and assistance in configuring the module is second to none. For beginners this level of commitment by the developers ensures that everything is set up and configured correctly. It appears to automate almost everything that it should, and I suspect will require very little, if any, maintenance. With a wealth of features this will no doubt prove to be a very valuable tool.”

John C.
December 8, 2017 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“Perfect module and great developer. Customer service is top notch (which you can't tell about other ebay module suppliers).”

Moman shop
December 7, 2017 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“Grande modulo, configurando tutto alla perfezione ti automatizza tutto.”

Alessandro Cinà (itayhitech.it)
November 24, 2017 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“Módulo esencial para vender en ebay, es realmente bueno.”

mobeecar (mobeecar.com)
November 18, 2017 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“Fantastic product and support.”

Frank (tastefuldelights.com.au)
November 14, 2017 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“I have been using it with great satisfaction for 5 years, I highly recommend this product, great service, simplified, intuitive functionality, above all it helps to manage sales and ebay listings very easily !!! if I went back I would do it 100 times again.”

Umberto (motointercom.eu)
November 14, 2017 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“i use prestashop since 10 years. I can affirm that prestabay is the best solution to drive ebay. better than lengow , shopping flux etc ..... The ps native ebay module is awful .... i try many solutions and i can say that prestabay is the top and has the best support ( thanks to alex for the great job you do )”

Poutou Vivi (joliebouille.fr)
November 14, 2017 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“An excellent tool, with trully amazing support. Multi channel sales really work with this module.”

Passion132 (passion132.com)
November 14, 2017 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“It is a very complete module, but the best thing about it is that it is always adapting to the new ebay requirements. Customer service is exceptional. To date I have not had any problems that have not been solved in a reasonable time.”

Larbi (accesoriosyllantas.com)
November 10, 2017 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“Truly an excellent form, well done and the assistance is really helpful and efficient.”

David (clickstorei.com)
October 30, 2017 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“Prestabay has made our business easy. We use Prestashop and needed a way to sync ebay with our website. Prestabay was the exact software required. Once you have set up the software, orders, stock quantities, messages, feedback are all taken care of seamlessly. Let's look at an example, product A is added to the ebay module, it automatically uploads, if we sell out from our website, then Product A is stopped on ebay - Automatically, once it is back in stock it is started again. If an order is made on ebay, then the order is added to the backend of Prestashop. We process the order and the shipping details are added to ebay. Yes we have had some small issues and needed support, but everytime we have sent an email, a response is received within 12 hours. Highly recommended software package when syncing ebay to prestashop”

Stuart (infronttech.com.au)
October 16, 2017 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“Involic are great company. The Prestabay (prestashop / Ebay integration) module is fabulous. Any problems are very quickly rectified by the support team. The team also take on board any suggestions and integrate new facilities wherever possible. Superb!”

Ron Taylor (Graphskill.co.uk)
October 12, 2017 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“Easy installation, very complete module and assistants ready to answer any request. It works fine with eBay. it and all other marketplaces. Recommended for those who want a definitive tool to sell on all eBay marketplaces. Continue like this!”

BIESSE S.R.L. (pacdesign.it)
September 20, 2017 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“SUPER! Best module ever, fast and easy to use and upgrade. Thanks :)”

Ricambi Scooter Moto S.r.l. (ricambiscootermoto.it)
December 22, 2015 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“I'm saving a lot of time using this module. It's simple and fast. I can relist my product that ended on ebay faster.”

Davis Saguenay (nationalcoins.ca)
March 25, 2015 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“It saves a huge amount of time in synchronizing inventory between PrestaShop and eBay. It also saves a huge amount of time in creating new listings in eBay by using existing listings in PrestaShop.”

Sole Sports Running Zone (solesportsrunning.com)
February 28, 2015 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“Plugin très pratique cela vaut le cout de payer pour un logiciel qui fonctionne (Very practical plugin it is worth the cost of paying for a software that works.)”

Boutique en ligne ALAMODE (alamode.fr)
January 20, 2015 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“It is good”

Mobile Broadband Devices - Super Trade Shop Ltd (supertrade-shop.co.uk)
January 5, 2015 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“The module just works amazingly well – compared to the official module this is light years ahead!!”

Urban Surfer (urbansurfer.co.uk)
June 3, 2014 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“We have been using the Prestabay module with success since the first version. It is a mature tool/solution for managing your eBay listings. A couple of times we needed help which was offered fast and efficiently. A big thank you to the Involic/Prestabay team! An excellent module doing well what it is supposed to do. Friendly and efficient support and a reasonable price, unlike some other fee sharks out there! I strongly recommend it.”

January 23, 2014 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“After installing the PrestaBay module I have had great success linking my website to eBay. This is a very easy and simple module to use compared to many others we have used in the past. I also found the manual and video tutorials very easy to follow showing everything the module has to offer step by step. Thanks PrestaBay this has saved me hours manually uploading on eBay.”

Tom Coveney (fancydresscostumes.co.uk)
June 18, 2012 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“My experience with Prestabay Involic and support has been wonderful, there is nothing like it, is the best to work with prestashop and eBay, plus support Involic are pending and if you have any problems do not hesitate to do whatever it takes to give a solution. Involic thank you very much!”

Jose Jordan (mundodigital.info)
June 18, 2012 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“For users of prestashop, this form is the best way to sell on ebay. Finally, many useful functions in one module. The development team is available, always working to make improvements and changes. Sell on ebay since 2000, I finally found prestabay with a valid business tool that helps me to do so.”

Nicolò Grasso (bsa24.it)
April 25, 2012 (PrestaShop Ebay)

“PrestaBay module has been a success since I hit the Involic website for the first time back in July 2011. We have worked with the module right out of the box, and made dozens of listings easily in basically no time. Every time we had any additional PrestaBay-related wishes, developers were always willing to serve us in a timely manner. I can only recommend this module to everyone seeking eBay/PrestaShop implementation.”

Lukas Vanco (panaparts.eu)
April 25, 2012 (PrestaShop Ebay)