Using Images type Metafields to enhance ebay description template

In this article, we will delve into how to create dynamic description templates in Salestio, learn about Shopify’s Metafields, and explore how you can use Image Metafields to supercharge your eBay description templates. Whether you’re an e-commerce veteran or just starting, the insights shared in this article will be a valuable addition to your toolkit

How to use Shopify Metafields to customize data sent to eBay and Amazon

We will talk in this post regarding using metafields from your Shopify store to adding more data for ebay & amazon listing.

Case Study: Create new listings in Amazon Clothing & Accessories category with enriched data from Shopify Metafields

As a Shopify store owner, at some point, you would probably want to extend your sales to Amazon. It is quite easy when your products are known to Amazon and exist in the Amazon catalog. But what if your products are totally new, and no one has ever sold on Amazon before? You would need to create a new listing on Amazon. Surely, you can do it on your Seller Central account directly. However, when you have dozens of products on Shopify, you might want to think of other ways to send new products to Amazon.

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