Selling goods via eBay is a great opportunity to promote your business. This platform gets millions of customers daily and they may be interested in your offers. But haven’t you faced the situation when you have the finest quality product to sell, and the price is good, but customers do not see your listings and do not buy your product You feel just like an invisible man, don’t you?

The problem is simple enough. Your potential customers walk through your listings because of no interest in them. Can you change the situation? Of course! All that you need to break the chain of invisibility for your eBay listings is to apply some strategy when creating them. We’ve highlighted 10 effective strategies you can use to get views for your eBay listings. Here we go with them!

Strategy #1: Do Not Use Low-Quality Photos

People comprehend visual information better than text. That’s true. For your successful listings, you should get impeccable photos. Do not use the first available photo. Get several of them and choose the best ones with a focus on the product and its views from various sides. The more informative and beautiful photos you attach to the listing, the more customers will be charmed by your offer. 

Unlike Amazon, ebay doesn’t have super strict requirements for the main photo. So even clear white or light background is preferable, it’s still up to the seller to use some creativity to attract more buyers.

Some tips for eBay listings’ photos to use are as follows:

  • Use high-resolution photos.
  • Do not take photos on a cluttered background. A clear and light background is a must.
  • Use several photos from different angles.
  • Size photos correctly to meet eBay requirements (no less than 500 px on the long side).

The result of the strategy: Better photos – higher conversion.

Strategy #2 SEO Tips Increase Views

People search products using some characteristic words for them. In SEO, these words are called keywords. If the description of your listing contains several relevant keywords, it will be easier to find by customers. 

How to use SEO in eBay listings?

  • Make your own research based on competitors. Which words do they use to describe similar products? Which of them repeat regularly in their listings? They are keywords you need.
  • Use SEO tools to get the list of keywords for your product. For example, you can use one of the online keyword generators for this.
  • Implement keywords title and descriptions of your listing (title, description, and heading should also contain them).
  • Use several keywords and relevant words for them.

The result of the strategy: Keywords help to find your listing.

Strategy #3 Keep Your Seller’s Rating High

How about your seller’s rating? If it is low, the eBay engine may hide your listings from customers. So, keep it high and enjoy the result!

How to keep your seller’s rating high?

  • Do not miss messages from customers and respond to them ASAP.
  • Track your seller’s metrics on Ebay Seller Dashboard not to miss when something goes wrong.
  • Provide accurate and fast shipping.
  • Try to get reviews from your customers.

In our tool, Salestio, we offer an automatic review setter for all new orders by buyers. This helps receive also feedback in return.

The result of the strategy: Higher seller’s rating – higher chances to show your listings. 

Strategy #4 Get eBay’s Promotions

Do not be a cheapskate when it comes to your promotions. Paid promotions on eBay may increase your listings’ views sky-high. Besides, for a customer, a seller who offers goods by paid advertising on eBay seems a reliable seller.  

How to use paid promotions on eBay?

  • Promote this way the finest items you have.
  • Track timelines when there is a shopping boom to launch a promotional campaign (i.e. before Christmas, on Black Friday, before summer vacation time).
  • Adjust your promo campaign to your budget.

The result of the strategy: Paid ads on eBay bring you more money than you spend on them.

Strategy #5 Offer Great Options for Shipping

Engage your customers with sweet offers. For example, offer them free shipping or fast return. For a customer the freedom of action with purchased goods is crucial. If they can get a purchase with free or cheap delivery – it’s tip-top. If they can return the purchase without a hassle, it’s a double win.

Free Shipping — it’s an awesome option that allows you to attract the attention of customers.

If you don’t want to lose money with free shipping, we could suggest you increase the price of the listing by shipping price.

With the Salestio Price template, this could be easily achieved.

What to do about this?

  • Include several shipping options to allow customers to choose from them.
  • Apply for eBay protection as a seller who offers a Free Return option.
  • Get your return policy and sipping policy clear and transparent.

The result of the strategy: Offer fast return and shipping conditions and get customers’ trust.

Strategy #6 Use Technologies to Create Listings

Another important point is to automatize listing creation, having a proper qty and price. And not selling products that are currently out of stock.

And also it totally makes sense to export all available products from the store catalog and not only a few of them.

Having correct sales handling and statistic from every marketplace is another important point.

To achieve all these operations, professional sellers on ebay use special tools that help them connect shop to online marketplaces. An example of such a tool is Salestio – Ebay Marketplace connection

The result of the strategy: Customers purchase from companies with different product options. Use that! 

Strategy #7 Make Your Items’ Specifics Attractive

When buyers search for an item, they are interested in its characteristics. So, take this advantage to make your listings seen. Indicate colors that are available, size, or parameters of the item. Besides the comfort for a customer, this allows your potential clients to find your listing via the Google search engine.

Additionally, with proper listing specifics, you can have better search results on ebay itself. Some of the item specifics are automatically converted to ebay search filter parameters, like color or size.

The result of the strategy: Expand your listings through Google and Ebay Search by adding item specifics.

Strategy #8 Get a Design for Your Listings by Adding Them to eBay Catalog

This is the idea for sellers who are not keen on design. Just make the item a part of the eBay catalog to show it alongside competitors’ offers. A standard format is not always bad, especially if your offers are distinguished by good quality and attractive pricing. You can add to eBay Catalog items that are already present in the list and only new ones.

When your listings got a professional look, they also get customers’ appreciation. Try your hands in creating a special design for your listings, and use online tools that are available for free. 

Some tips to get a professional design for your listings:

  • Use attractive but laconic templates so as not to distract customers from the product.
  • Try any design you choose to be mobile-friendly as your customers may use smartphones to shop on eBay.
  • Visual attractiveness is #1 when you develop the design for your listings.

One of the easy ways to get a good design for your eBay listing, it’s to use our Free Ebay Listing Description Template

The result of the strategy: Your listings got a simple yet attractive look.

Strategy #9 Make the Price Working for You

Listings with attractive prices are seen better. That is, make the price your bright side.  As usual, customers compare prices to get the product for the lowest one. So, meet their expectations! 

Some tips to encourage customers to see your listing using a pricing strategy:

  • Do not set an extra low price. Consider all the expenses to set a fair price.
  • Use discounts to attract a customer. Everyone loves discounts.
  • Compare your offer with competitors. Do it regularly.

The result of the strategy: Competitive prices bring you customers.

Strategy #10 Check Out Compliance with eBay’s Requirements

The last but not the least strategy is to review whether your listing complies with all the rules of the eBay platform. In case of any violation, eBay can simply remove the listing and no one will see it.

The result of the strategy: Ensuring your listings are OK.


Working with customers’ expectations is the essence of each strategy on how to increase the number of views for your listing. There are several ways to ensure that you offer what a customer needs. Take them all or just choose some of these strategies and inspect the results you get. 

And professional seller tools like, Salestio, could help not only increase sales level and optimize listing performance but also reduce the number of manual operations for processing orders, and synchronizing stock and prices.

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