On 31st December Shopify is sunsetting their free Ebay integration, so Shopify merchants need to find an alternative to eBay’s sales channel. In this article, we will take a look at Salestio — multichannel integration for Shopify and how it could replace Ebay free integration.

About Salestio

Salestio – Shopify Ebay Integration is an application that helps you integrate your Shopify store with online marketplaces like Ebay, Amazon, or Etsy. It has all the necessary functions to successfully connect your store with ebay. And yes, it could be a good replacement for a free Ebay integration by Shopify.

Salestio supports a number of features useful for big and small merchants.

The key functionality:

  • Exporting products to Ebay Marketplace
  • Maintenance stock and price one ebay similar to the Shopify store
  • Flexible set price for ebay listings (increase price by percentage, include shipping cost, and others)
  • Importing ebay orders to Shopify store to further processing 
  • Transferring fulfillment status of Order from Shopify store to eBay marketplace
  • Description Templates 
  • Flexible synchronization options
  • Easy migration of Ebay listings to the Salestio platform

Salestio Shopify Ebay integration could be found on the Shopify app store or started trial directly from our website

Migration to Salestio

Today we would like to talk more about an important topic for merchants that looking for a Shopify ebay app replacement. It’s how to migrate to our Salestio, without needing to stop all listings and without doing a lot of configurations. So about seamless migration from another app to Salestio. 

The detailed process of transferring listings to Salestio you can be found in our video, which displays the process of such migration.

How to Connect Ebay to Shopify with Salestio?

First, let’s start with installing the Salestio application on the Shopify store. This could be done by searching in App Store for “Salestio” or “Ebay” and then selecting our application. Or just by using a direct link to the Shopify app store or by jumping to start a trial directly from our website.

As soon as the installation is finished please start with the onboarding wizard and choose Ebay as the default integration. 

On the next screen please add your ebay account to Salestio. 

After you enter your account name, please click on Add account, log in to your account on Ebay marketplace, and grant access to the Salestio application.

When you return back to your Shopify store, click on the “Ok” button.

The next screen gives you the possibility to choose your main marketplace and start the automatic connection of your ebay listings with Shopify products.

The process of connecting an ebay account to a Shopify store usually takes from 5 to 20 minutes. The exact time depends on the number of products you have in your store and the number of products inside your ebay account. 

The process of migration is shown on the right side of the application dashboard. 

When inventory information is already downloaded from ebay, you can jump to the Inventory page and see all your listings are there. For ebay listings having the same SKU as Shopify products, Salestio did an automatic connection. 

For others, you can do a manual connection by choosing the right product in your Shopify store. 

After the migration process is finished all available listings will be migrated to Salestio. And you can find them under the Selling List section. 

If you open the Selling List, you will sell all managed listings there. For each item, you can check connected listings on ebay by clicking the link “View on Ebay”. 

For these listings, you could also trigger an update for qty or price (revise). The listing state changed immediately to Pending update. And shortly after it will be returned back to Active. 

For products that are not automatically connected to Shopify products, you can manually set a corresponding product from your Shopify store. And then execute the move to the Selling List operation, which will create a connected listing here. And then this listing will be automatically updated when stock or price changes in the Shopify store.

Inside the Order section, you could find your latest ebay orders. Orders created for known products by Salestio (which have the same SKU) are also imported to the Shopify store for further processing. 

Configuration settings, like email notification, deactivation of order import, and others, you can find on the Settings page. 

Wrapping it up

Despite the fact that Shopify stops supporting Ebay applications, Salestio could be used as a good replacement and addition to any Shopify store that would like to sell on multichannel platforms like Amazon & Ebay

Salestio Shopify Ebay integration could be installed from the Shopify app store or by starting a trial directly from our website

Do you have any specific requirements that are not covered by Salestio? Please get in touch with our support@salest.io, and we will be happy to suggest you possible solution.