After we registered on ebay in the previous post, today we will create our first variation listing directly from the ebay interface. The listing we create will be in the category of clothes, and to be a more specific T-Shirt. You will see how easily this could be done.

Video Content:

  • Flashback to a previous video
  • Navigation to a listing creation form
  • Creating listing with auto-complete by entering product title
  • Add variation details
  • Upload images
  • Return policy and shipping details
  • Set remain details for Ebay Managing Payments
  • Publishing listing

Listing creation form

To create a new ebay listing, select the “Sell” menu item, here you will be redirected to a listing creation page. Another possibility of creating a listing, it’s from a Seller Hub. Here you will be needed to select Listings and then “Create Listing”.

By providing just the listing title, ebay will try to suggest you category for it and then pre-fill the required Item Specific details.

Based on the selected category and product title, eBay will pre-fill information about your products into eBay Item specifics and other related fields.

Variation detail for listing

Ebay supports variation details only for Fixed price listing. By default new listing creation form set the listing type to “Auction”, we need to change it to Fixed price with a Good til canceled duration.

After this change, this variation creation button becomes available and we can process by adding variation by clicking on the button “Create Variations”.

In the first step please choose a variation attribute that you would use as a variation. For us this is “Size”, but this attribute is reserved by ebay and we can’t use it. So we will use “T-Shirt Size”.

Then we need to set a list of all available variation option values: XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL.

Another important step is to provide images for variation. eBay allows you to choose for variation option individual image,  as an example when you sell T-Shirts with different colors. In our case, we will use the same image for all variations.

SKU for created variations should be the same as we have it in our Shopify store. This is important for correctly importing orders for these products into Shopify.

For every option, we will set QTY equal to 2, and the price to 25.99 $, so we will have profit from selling our print-on-demand products there. 

After all variations details are added, we can confirm these details and close. We will back to the main product details where we need to provide missed data like Brand, Description, and Size information. And we will also change return policy and provide the correct shipping cost and handling time.

Ebay Managing Payments

When you create your first listing on ebay, there will be requirements to provide extra details of your business, so ebay could activate managed payments for your account.

In most cases, you will need to set details of your company, registered address, phone number for confirmation, beneficial owners, and bank details. This information is provided on the regional ebay marketplace connected to your country on registration. So for us, it’s for Ebay Germany. 

Publishing Ebay Listing

When all details are provided and verified by ebay, we can finally click on the “List item” button. In a very short time, we see confirmation information and listing become available on the eBay marketplace.

All your creating ebay listings, you can find inside Seller Cockpit, and also do a quick change for all of them. In the same dashboard, you will also find your latest orders and important notification from ebay.

When you successfully list the first list, ebay will send you a detailed email with additional steps to become a successful seller, take your time and study the links provided in this email. Such information allows you to avoid the mistake in the future and will give you a better understanding of the ebay platform.

What next?

In the next video, we will show how to create new ebay variation listings from the Salestio application, directly from the Shopify store back office.

Despite the fact that creating listings on ebay is easy enough, with a large number of items it can take a decent amount of time. The Salestio application gives you the possibility to avoid manual operations with similar products.

Salestio Shopify application, you can find on the app store — Salestio – Shopify eBay Integration

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