Since their inception, both Amazon and eBay trading platforms expanded their influence and thus, sales volumes incredibly exponentially. Today, for example, it is Amazon’s lion’s share of all e-commerce products in the US. It reached 45% in 2022 and there are no reasons to decide that trend may vanish in 2023! 

For this reason, businesses are eager to join eBay or Amazon. And that idea is full of merits. With these marketplaces, even beginner sellers can outreach an audience that is hundreds of times bigger than if they try to launch it conventionally on their websites. Additional services provided by both Amazon and eBay allow entrepreneurs and companies to provide fast shipping and exceptional customer service without any hassle. Yet there is also a fly in the ointment. That is high competition, as the number of merchants who join these marketplaces constantly grows. 

Today, it is not easy to withstand this high competition. But not easy is not the same as impossible. And the key idea for your prosperity as an eBay/Amazon seller is to get what your potential clientele is interested in most. Of course, if you are manufacturing tables and just tables, this question may be useless for you. But in the case when you are just planning to start your eBay or Amazon e-commerce project, this knowledge will be a must for you to get before you open your store to customers.  

Main Tips on How to Understand the Customer’s Needs on Amazon and eBay

First, let’s focus on the toolset that may come in handy to you to understand your customers’ needs. In 2023, there is no chance of success without thorough analyses. And, fortunately, there are multiple tools offered by both these marketplaces that can ease the process of research for you.

1. Helium10 is one of the most powerful tools for keyword research on Amazon. With it, you can get the results of customers’ most popular requests in your niche to plan your offers carefully.

2. Longtail Pro also refers to keywords but it takes the database of Amazon’s customers’ reviews and searches in them the relevant data for you.

Besides, you shouldn’t refuse to get support from official services provided by these marketplaces. Your sales activity depends not only on the products that you offer. Besides them, you need to provide exceptional services to go ahead of your competitors. Thus, it is worth also launching something like the Amazon FBA program or becoming a partner on Amazon. This may increase your chances as you add to your products also services that in 2023, may become a must for all sellers. And you are already offering them.

The List of Trendy Ideas for Selling on eBay and Amazon

Now let’s consider some trendy ideas about what exactly to sell on these platforms. We’ll give you a pack of trends for each platform according to marketing research and the figures that form the official stats of these marketplaces.

Trends on Amazon

Amazon holds almost half of the e-commerce market in the US. But besides the States, thousands of clients use this site to purchase products all over the world. The analyses of their preferences show the top 5 product categories that will be trendy in 2023.

1. Grocery. You’ll be amazed by the popularity of grocery as it increased in 2022 up 12.9%. Today, Amazon is the #2 grocery seller in the US. Only Walmart outpaces it. This trend is relevant since the start of the pandemic in 2020. In times of lockdowns, lots of Amazon customers appreciated the convenience of grocery purchases online right in the marketplace. Today, this trend keeps going on as it is convenient and easy.

2. Games. Since streaming platforms became a power we need to be reckoned with, gaming products and services became leaders of Amazon’s requests. The marketplace offers not only AAA games but various game-related products, services, and merchandising items. Moreover, it is obvious that the share of this niche tends to increase with the advent of sports betting legalization. So, catch this idea and get a profit from it.

3. Cosmetics and perfumery. These products are always in favor as they tend to over with time, and lots of customers consider them to be good ideas for gifts. Of course, you can get more appreciators if you provide customers with unique products for example craft perfumes, niche perfumes, or authentic cosmetics. Yet if your assortment is still of a mass market niche, you can gain success if you advertise your offers properly.

4. Dual-use goods. 2022 was a starting point for global changes. Still, the need for double-use goods is at its peak as lots of volunteers and officials search for them to provide Ukraine with them. Get it as a tip.

5. Electronics is always on the top. Getting a bestseller or a novelty in the market is a real obsession for many people. Besides, there is one more trend to use. You can make money on refurbished devices. This trend applies both to the economy and to the conscious consumption concept. So, it can work!

Trends on eBay

We cannot say that eBay’s trading trends are not similar to Amazon’s ones. Yet there are also some tips to catch in your hand. 

1. The most popular category on eBay is fitness. This category is not limited by only joggers or orbitreks. These are also healthcare products like diabetes test strips, fitness trackers, bikes, and nutrition products for athletes. So, if you have something to offer in the niche, you are welcome!

2. Apple products are real crushes of eBay customers. You can sell almost everything if it is manufactured by Apple. Keep in mind that even outdated products like iPods or spare parts for old iPhone generations are in demand.

3. Handcrafted items. Of course, eBay is not Etsy. But it also allows craftsmen to get profit from their items. And lots of customers on eBay are interested in decorations, interior items, garden furniture, textile, and other home-related products. Do you have some? Then sell them!

And, of course, eBay customers also gladly search cosmetics and perfumery, video games and related products, and gadgets.


We hope that our article will come in handy and boost your ideas on what to sell on eBay and Amazon to get board a trend in 2023. 

The Year 2023 could be a bit challenging for merchants that focus mostly only on D2C channels. And finding new channels of reaching customers is a good idea to increase the number of orders in a month.

A list of trendy ideas on online marketplaces always should give you a way to expand the list of products to a new number.

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