Today we will continue our journey into online marketplace words. We will take a look into another big marketplace — Ebay. We will register on this platform and then connect the ebay account to the Shopify Salestio application.

Video Content:

  • Overview of ebay marketplace
  • Registration on the ebay platform
  • Client account on ebay
  • Seller dashboard located on ebay marketplace
  • Ebay Fee
  • Connection of ebay account to Salestio application

About Ebay Marketplace

eBay is one of the oldest and largest platforms available worldwide.

eBay is well known for its auctions, but it’s also available for a fixed-price listings system. It’s also extremely popular across merchants as an additional sales channel to grow revenue and product visibility.

eBay currently supported more than 20 different marketplaces and is also trying to expand its business to new regions.

Registration on Ebay

The process of eBay registration is quite simple. Depending on your choice it could be done as an individual or as a business. Our account we will register as a business.

The email provided during registration will be used for one-time confirmation. So please make sure that you have access to it.

When you finish the first registration step, you will be redirected to the ebay home page. Important to notice that ebay will redirect to your country-specific website. So if you registered with a company in Germany, you will be redirected to ebay.de

Based on redirected country, you also need to set country registration details.

Client account on ebay

When you registered on eBay, you registered at the same time, as a buyer and as a seller. By default, your account on ebay is your buyer account. You can add their additional options as a payment method, or modify your details.

The rating you see on your account is a shared rating between you as a seller and a buyer.

Seller Dashboard

To access a seller account, you need to click on the “Sell on eBay” link. This will redirect you to the Seller cockpit.

Seller cockpit is a new ebay tool for vendors and sellers, that become the main working place for selling and managing orders directly on ebay.

Another important part we would like to highlight, it’s eBay management payments. For a few years, eBay start to roll out a new payment system, where all payments for items first come to the eBay marketplace, and then sellers could ask for deposit money on their account.

By default, all accounts in major marketplaces come with this payment system.

Registering on ebay is a fairly simple process. But please notice that sending the first item on ebay may require additional confirmation documents from you and providing a deposit method.

Ebay Fee

One more topic we would like to cover, it’s an ebay fee. The Ebay fee contains two parts, first, it’s an insertion fee for creating every listing, and second, it’s a  commission fee on sales. With an ebay subscription including the ebay store, you could have more than 250 listing insertions for free. For listings above free limits, ebay will charge 35 cents per listing.  The sale fee depends on the listing price and listing category.

Connecting ebay account to Salestio

Salestio is a Shopify application that could help you with exporting products to ebay, importing orders, and synchronizing stock. You can find it on the Shopify app store — “Salestio — Shopify ebay Integration

We also have it installed on our Setlic store, so now let’s add a new ebay account to it. This could be done from the Ebay Account page, clicking on Add Account. Entering account name and process with a redirect on ebay.

Please notice that you will be redirected to ebay.com, instead of your local marketplace version. This is ok, your ebay account will work across all ebay websites and allows you correctly create a product on every marketplace.

When you log in to your account, you will be needed to confirm the permission scope graded to the Salestio application. And then after returning to the Shopify store click on the OK button.

If the account is added successfully, will see it inside Salestio and will have the possibility to adjust the configuration for this account inside the Settings page.

What next?

In the next video, we will create new ebay variation listings using the ebay interface.

Salestio application, you can find on Shopify app store — Salestio – Shopify eBay Integration

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