Thanks to our successful partnership this year, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to working with you in the New Year. We hope that the new year will give you great success in your business and especially in online sales with eBay and Amazon.

Photo by Davies Designs Studio on Unsplash

As we go into the holiday season, it is a good time to look back and see what we all here, at Salestio, accomplished. Today, we want to share with our dear readers and users what we worked on in 2021.

New Solutions, new Integrations

Additionally to PrestaBay — PrestaShop eBayPrestaBay ImportSalestio (PrestaZon) Amazon modules, and Salestio — Shopify Amazon Integration, we have added the following integrations:

As we move into 2022, we plan to expand Salestio coverage even further.
The next platform we are going to introduce is Shopify Etsy integration
in early 2022. Stay tuned!

Users’ requests implemented

Our goal is to make all our applications and modules the best fit for users’ businesses. That is why we look for and listen carefully to your suggestions. Some of them were foreseen and we planned them. However, some of them were quite unpredictable.

The beautiful part is that we can implement the modifications not only to the whole systems, apps, or modules in general but also to users’ particular installations. It means that if some of Saletsio’s default behaviors do not work for you, drop us a line and we will see how we can handle your request.

By the way, you can suggest your ideas to the Salestio roadmap. Here you can also upvote the ideas you like.

Have any ideas or suggestions on what topic we should talk about next in our blog? Do not hesitate to let us know.

Contact us at support@salest.io or use a contact form in our help center.

The documentation page for various Salestio integrations is available at our help center.