Happy New Year! As we bid farewell to 2023, we’re taking a moment to celebrate the incredible milestones and successes that made this year truly great for Salestio and its customers.

New integrations

We have been working hard to bring the widest selection of connected markets in a unified app. Let’s review what was new this year:

  • The Shopify app has got a fully-featured Etsy integration now. Complete with order and product sync, now the app can allow sellers to connect an existing Etsy store or give a headstart for a new one.
  • WooCommerce stores now can sync with eBay. Thanks to the users’ feedback, Amazon integration has also been greatly improved for better stability.
  • Shopware and BigCommerce apps also received an update to support syncing with eBay stores.

Updates and improvements

To our amazing community of users, thank you for making 2023 a remarkable year. Your trust and enthusiasm have been the driving force behind our success. While we faced some challenges along the way, your feedback and support motivated us to overcome obstacles and emerge stronger. This helped us to fix many smaller issues and get inspiration for new ones.

For our eBay and eBay import modules, we updated them to be compatible with the new PrestaShop 8.

For all platforms, we updated the eBay category mapping section to support new features and requirements, such as Extended Producer responsibility.

We also updated Amazon product creation tools, allowing users to export the store with ease. Now available for Shopify users.

Future plans

For the coming year, of course, we want to make Salestio even better. Among the plans:

  • Bring Etsy integration to BigCommerce and Shopware stores.
  • Develop brand-new integrations with other marketplaces.
  • Extended analytics tools for more detailed info on selling products.
  • Standalone Salestio application, unconstrained by an e-commerce platform.
  • Amazon module for the PrestaShop integration.

Happy holidays!

We’d like to thank you again for your continued support. From exciting launches to overcoming challenges, 2023 was a year of growth and learning. Here’s to a fantastic 2023 together!

As always, we are happy to help with any questions and requests at support@salest.io