Starting a new store on eBay is fast and easy. However, some sellers might need some time before they can list the entire warehouse on the same account. Today we explore how Salestio can help manage the limit. The solution is available for Shopify / BigCommerrce / Shopware / WooCommerce / PrestaShop integrations.

What is limited?

Every eBay seller has a specified monetary value and an item count every month that is set automatically. Both active and sold listings count toward the monthly limit.

New sellers on eBay often start with lower selling limits. eBay evaluates sellers’ accounts based on factors like their account history, feedback, and performance to determine whether to adjust these limits.

Positive performance, such as maintaining high feedback ratings, meeting shipping expectations, and resolving buyer issues promptly, can lead to increased selling limits.

To view your current monthly limit, head to your Seller Hub, open the Overview page, and scroll to the Monthly limits section:

Depending on the eBay marketplace, the limit window might appear different.

How to manage eBay limits

eBay allows you to request an increase to the selling limit from your account. Also, the limit is reviewed automatically each month and may change depending on the store’s performance. The total count towards the limit is calculated by multiplying product prices and product stock. To stay under the limit and offer the widest selection of products, the best way is to limit the stock numbers.

Salestio offers a simple way to automate this process. You can keep the inventory updated while adhering to the current limit. By default, Salestio will send the quantity values from your Shopify / BigCommerrce / Shopware / WooCommerce / PrestaShop store. This can be customized by limiting the listing quantity being sent to eBay.

When trying to send an item to eBay over the limit, it will remain in an error status in the Selling List. You might find this error in the logs:

This listing would cause you to exceed the amount you can list. You can list up to $16.84 more in total sales this month. Please consider reducing the starting price or request to list more: https://ilowebapp.ebay.com/ilo/portal

To get rid of this error, the first step is to edit the Global Profile.

Set up the Global Profile

Navigate to Profiles > Global Profiles and select yours. In “Item QTY Mode” select “Not more than”. This mode will keep updating the item count on eBay while keeping it under “Item QTY Value”. We will set it to 4 for our store.

An example of this configuration: items that have 2 or 3 in stock will have the same value on eBay. At the same time, items that have 6 or 25 stock will be listed with just 4.

After making the changes, go back to the Selling List and send the item again. Now, the items will be posted to eBay with limited stock.

Update the active items

In some cases, you may have a few items already listed that are taking up the limit.

To update already active items, go back to the Selling List and run the Revise QTY action. After the items are synced, Salestio will update every linked item automatically to have the limited stock.

Example scenario

You may have 20 products in your store with a quantity of 10 on each. 15 products were listed successfully, while the rest have an error caused by the limit. Here are the steps to fix such an error:

  1. Edit Global Profile and set limited item QTY to 2
  2. Go back to Selling List and run Revise QTY on Active items
  3. Select the other items and send them to eBay


Starting a new eBay store has its own challenges and learning curve. Salestio offers a simple way to make this start efficient and profitable. The app offers a free 30-day trial which you can start today. It is available in the Shopify App Store.

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