Today we would like to start with a new blog series, where we will build an online store that sells dropshipping t-shirts.

Together with building a Shopify store, we will also export products to Amazon & Ebay marketplace.

As a dropshipping supplier, we will use Printfy, which is an excellent way of creating customized prints.

And we will use the Salestio Shopify application. This is a tool builder by our company and helps merchants to export products to Amazon & ebay, and synchronize stock and prices. And then also download orders from online marketplaces to merchant Shopify store. So, Salestio software is a tool that helps us to automate product importing, order handling, and shipping and will be used for connecting Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and Printify at the same time.

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Dropshipping business model is a very popular approach in the e-commerce industry because it allows sellers to start an online store quickly with low expenses and then add more products later. As a result, your chances of success with dropshipping are higher as you don’t need to invest in a lot of inventory upfront.

We plan to highlight the following topics:

  • Registering new Shopify store. Adjusting design
  • Registering on Printify, connect it to the Shopify store,
  • Working on T-Shirt design, importing products to Shopify store. And we will also talk about important information that needs to be presented on the T-Shirt
  • We will work additionally on the Shopify store. Organize Collections and why it’s important. We will also work on Shopify store design and rebuild a homepage
  • We started with Amazon integration, how to register on Amazon and how to apply for GTIN exemption
  • We will create a t-shirt listing directly on Amazon and then connect to Shopify products with the Salestio app (available with Salestio Free Plan)
  • We will also cover the more advanced topic of creating an amazon listing using Salestio, together with Creation Profiles
  • Then we just to start selling on Ebay and how to add an ebay account to Salestio integration
  • We will also show the way of creating a t-shirt listing on ebay directly, and then connect to Shopify products with Salestio
  • They’re also a way of creating a listing on ebay from Salestio and we will show how
  • And the last and most important, it’s handling Orders and fulfillments with Salestio ebay & amazon & Shopify & Printify

At the end of the series, we will actually have a working store, where we could simply add products for sale on Amazon and eBay and have them also be for sale on our Shopify website.

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