In one of our previous posts, we described the steps how to send your Shopify products to eBay when you just start your eBay journey. ICYMI, please check the article on how to export Shopify products to the eBay marketplace with the help of Salestio.

But what if you have already listed your products on eBay and now you want to connect them to your Shopify products? No worries, we have a solution. In this article, we will describe how to do that.

At some point, you might also wonder why it is beneficial to link Shopify products to eBay listings. The answer is simple. Synchronization. The automatic synchronization allows you to keep stock and/or prices synced between two e-commerce platforms. This way, you can manage prices and quantities from one place — Shopify. Additionally, you can run the full revision to update titles, descriptions, item specifics, etc. In this case, you will need to add extra steps which we will also mention later.

First of all, you will need to start by adding your eBay account to Salestio. We will not cover this step in detail in this article since we have already described it in the article that we mentioned above. You can also find more details on how to do so in our support articles.

The same is with the Selling Lists and Profiles. We mention these steps as they are still required to link products. However, more details on them are in the mentioned article. We will also add the links where you can check each step.

Things to consider:

  • The products should have the same SKUs on Shopify and eBay
  • If products have variations, variations should be the same on both platforms. The number of variations should also be the same

Add Selling List

The Selling List in Salestio is a group of Shopify products that you want to connect to eBay. Salestio does not link all Shopify listings automatically. The Selling List allows you to select which products you want to link. You can create the Selling List from Shopify collections or by manually picking the needed products. Here is the link where you can find more details on Selling Lists.

Important! The products should stay in Not Active statuses in the Selling List. Do not send them to eBay at this point.

Products should stay in the Not Active status

Before creating the Selling List, you will need to add the Profiles.

Please notice: if you are migrating currently active listings to our application, you only need to create a Global Profile and eBay Profile.

Creation Profile and Description Template are not needed if you don’t plan to do a Full revision of products and list new items. They allow you to reduce the time needed to create products and do a full revision of the active eBay listings.

Download eBay Inventories

To do so, go to the Inventory tab in Salestio, and click the Download eBay inventories button. Select the needed eBay account and confirm.

Download eBay inventories

Give Salestio some time to pull the list of your eBay listings. Depending on how many products you have on your eBay account, it might even take up to an hour. When it is ready, you will see the list of eBay listings on this page.

Right away Salestio will try to automatically fetch the listings to the products in your Shopify store. It uses SKUs for this purpose. If the corresponding product is found automatically, you will see the Shopify product ID in the corresponding column.

The corresponding product was automatically detected

Here you can also change the connected product or set the product id manually. Just click “Set Product” or “ Change Product”. Then, select the product from your Shopify store and confirm.

Sync Inventories with Selling Products

When the corresponding products are all set either automatically or manually, it is time to sync the products with the products in the Selling List. This process also can be done automatically for all products or you can go ahead and sync the products individually.

Sync all products or sync individual products

To automatically sync all eBay listings to the corresponding Shopify products, click the “Sync inventories with selling products” button. Select the needed eBay account and confirm.

Note: in case you have multiple eBay accounts, the products will be synced to the Selling List with the corresponding eBay account.

To manually move individual products to different Selling Lists, click the “Move to Selling List” button. Select the Selling List and confirm.

Then, you can go to the Selling List and check the products’ statuses. They should be active and the “View on eBay” link should be active.

Connected products are displayed as Active in the Selling List

Revise Active Selling Products

At this point, the “Active” status means that the connection between the Shopify products and eBay listings is established. It means that every time quantity and/or price is updated in Shopify, it will be automatically updated on eBay.

If you have different quantities and prices on both platforms, you would not want to wait till you need to update any of these in Shopify. For this reason, we suggest revising the stock and prices of the active products in the Selling List.

To do so, select the needed products or select all products, and click the “Revise Quick” action. Give Salestio a couple of minutes and check the statuses. If the revision was done successfully, the products will become Active again.

Quick Revise syncs stock and prices from Shopify to eBay

You can also revise the qty and price separately.

Please note that the price/qty revision will be done anyway automatically anyway after the product is updated in Shopify. If you wish to skip syncing prices or quantities, contact our support. We will modify your specific Salestio installation to not sync prices or stock.

After the revision is completed, the product status might also change to Update Error. In this case, please check the log message to see what the error is. The most common error reason is the inconsistent variations between Shopify and eBay. You should fix the error and then repeat the revision.

We would also suggest checking the video that illustrates the whole process completely from adding your eBay account to revising the active products in the Selling List.

Connect Shopify products to existing eBay listings

Connecting Shopify products to existing eBay listings might seem a bit frustrating at the beginning. As you can see, we have described this process step-by-step, and it looks easier, right? Please share your thoughts on this.

Our Support Team is ready to help you with listing your products on eBay, just contact us.

As usual, you can view the application on the Shopify app store.

The documentation page for eBay integration is available at our help center.

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