Regardless of the size of your BigCommerce shop, it is always a good idea to be on the lookout for new revenue streams. One promising avenue involves leveraging global e-commerce platforms, and Amazon is a great place to start.

Today we will explore launching your product sales on the Amazon marketplace directly from your BigCommerce store, utilizing the support of the Salestio app.

Connect the Amazon account

To list items with Salestio, you will need a Professional Seller Account. If you don’t have one yet, sign up on the Amazon website – sellercentral.amazon.com

To add the account to the BigCommerce app, navigate to Salestio > Amazon > Accounts tab. Click “Add account” and add the details.

Pick any desired display name and remember to select the marketplaces where the account operates. Agree to the policy and click “Add Account” to log in on the Seller Central portal.

(Optional) Configure prices

Salestio provides default settings if your products on Amazon have the same prices and stock. To fine-tune this, you may want to configure a custom Global Profile. Navigate to Salestio > Amazon > Profiles and click “Add Global profile”. Pick a useful profile name and edit the fields as needed:

Item QTY Mode useful for changing how much stock will appear on Amazon. Keep it at “Product” to have the same value as BigCommerce or change it to other modes to customize.

Price Mode set a price for every item sent to the marketplace. Keep it at “product” to have If your pricing formula for Amazon is more complex than “Keep it the same” or “Add X percent”, you may want to configure a Price Template.

Price Ratio multiply the price by this number. We want to have a 20% markup on Amazon, so we will set it to 1.2.

Price Smart Rounding enable one of the options if you want the prices to look nice.

Add a Selling List

Selling Lists are where the products can be organized before being sent to the marketplace. All of the connected items will remain here to keep syncing with Amazon.

To add a Selling List, navigate to Salestio > Amazon > Selling Lists tab and click “Add Selling List”.

Pick a display name for this list and select the Amazon account from the earlier step.

Product mode allows you to pick the BigCommerce items to add to this list. If you want the app to add items automatically, select Category mode and pick the categories from your store. In Category mode, Salestio will also check if any new items appear in your categories later, and add them to the Selling List.

We suggest setting Selling profiles to the Default ones. If you have a custom configuration from earlier steps, select it here. Click Create Selling List, and it’s time to send the items!

Send the items to Amazon

Category mode users, wait a few minutes for the items to appear in the Selling List. To add products manually, click “add products” or “add product by collections” at the top. The Add Products option allows you to select individual items. With the other option, you can select items in bulk. Select the items and click OK to add them.

Before you click “send”

Amazon needs to identify the items that you are listing with a barcode. You can use one of the two: add a GTIN (EAN, UPC, etc.) on the BigCommerce product page, or add an ASIN directly in the Selling List. Click here to learn more about barcodes and other product identifiers.

When ready, select the items and click “Send to Amazon” at the top.

After a few minutes, the item will become “Linked”, which means you can see it in your Seller Central inventory and on Amazon.

From here, Salestio will keep updating all “Linked” items if price or stock changes in BigCommerce.

Something went wrong?

If any errors appear, we suggest to check the logs. Any error comes with a message that explains it:

Try correcting the items or other actions suggested in the logs and try sending the item again. Also, feel free to use the support widget at the bottom for help. More help with “Linking Error” status and the others: Understanding product statuses in Salestio

Check out documentation articles for an expanded look at the app features.

Bottom line

For any BigCommerce seller, Salestio is a great way to expand the existing store to Amazon. New users can get a Free 30-day Trial for any plan check it out on BigCommerce Apps & Integrations.

Salestio can help if you are looking for an eBay integration too. Check our quick start guide for Salestio-eBay sellers.

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