When you actively sell on Amazon and want to synchronize your Amazon listings with Shopify products, Salestio gives an easy way to do so. Syncing stock and/or prices on both platforms helps you to manage the products from one place — Shopify.

If you are new to Salestio, you can find our app in the Shopify App Store. Salestio provides Amazon & eBay integration for Shopify stores. This article covers the case and gives instructions on how to connect Seller Central Inventory with Shopify products.

Salestio — Amazon & eBay Integration
Salestio — Amazon & eBay Integration

If you’d like to skip reading the whole article, you can scroll down to the bottom of this page and check the video with all the steps needed to sync your products on both platforms 🙂

To start using our integration, you need to connect your Seller Central account to Salestio. If you’ve been using the app for some time and now want to take advantage of the automatic connection of your products, please check our article on how to sync Amazon Inventory from the Inventory page is Salestio. Here we cover all steps right from the installation of Salestio.

Connect your Seller Central account to Salestio

When you open Salestio after the installation, you will be asked to select the default integration — Amazon or eBay. It can also be modified in Salestio Settings.

Select “Amazon” and click the Start Onboarding button.

Start Amazon Onboarding in Salestio
Start Amazon Onboarding in Salestio

You will be redirected to the page to add your Amazon account. Give the name to it, select the Region, and check the connected marketplaces. Make sure to check only those marketplaces that are activated in your Seller Central. Otherwise, it might generate errors in the future.

Make sure to check and read our data protection policy and click the “Add Account” button.

Add your Amazon account to Salestio
Add your Amazon account to Salestio

Important! To use Salestio, you need to have a Professional Amazon account.

In the next step, you will be redirected to your Seller Central account to confirm Salestio permissions. Review and confirm.

Confirm permissions in your Seller Central account
Confirm permissions in your Seller Central account

Go back to Salestio and click the Ok button to confirm the account addition.

Connect Amazon items to Shopify products

Right after your Amazon account is added to Salestio, you will see the screen that offers you to connect your Seller Central listings to Shopify products.

Connect Amazon items to Shopify products with Salestio
Connect Amazon items to Shopify products with Salestio

Important! Salestio uses SKUs to find the corresponding products in the Shopify store.

You can review the message and decide if you want to start the connecting process right away. If you are not sure at this point and need to have some time to modify products’ SKUs or other data, you can click the “No, I will do it later” button. When you are ready, you can proceed with the syncing process from the Inventory tab in Salestio

If you are ready to connect Amazon listings to Shopify products, click the “Start Import” button. Depending on the inventory size and Amazon performance, the whole process might take from 5 to 30 mins.

You will be redirected to Salestio Dashboard. There you can observe the migration progress in the Migration Status.

The progress of connecting Amazon listings to Shopify products on Salestio Dashboard
The progress of connecting Amazon listings to Shopify products on Salestio Dashboard

The step that usually takes the longest duration is usually to obtain the Amazon Inventory. You can check if it is still in progress right from Salestio Dashboard. Here you can see the status if it is Done or Processing. To view more details, such as the date and time, for example, click the View all button on the Latest automatic Jobs from the Dashboard.

Amazon Inventory report is being obtained from your Seller Central
Amazon Inventory report is being obtained from your Seller Central

When the process is complete, the Inventory results will be displayed under the Inventory tab in Salestio.

In the next step, Salestio creates the Selling List with the connected products. Selling Lists in Salestio are the groups of products that include Shopify products connected to Amazon.

All successfully connected products are displayed in the Linked statuses in the Selling List.

Note! If you sell on multiple Amazon marketplaces, Salestio will create a separate Selling List for each marketplace.

Connected products are displayed in the Selling List in Salestio
Connected products are displayed in the Selling List in Salestio

Important! At this point, Amazon listings are connected to Shopify products. They are not fully synced yet. They still have different stock and prices on Shopify and Amazon. However, if you update Shopify quantity and price, the changes will be automatically reflected on Amazon. If you would like to disable quantities or price synchronization, you can do so in Salestio Settings.

Amazon Permissions in Salestio Settings
Amazon Permissions in Salestio Settings

How to instantly sync prices and stock, we cover later in this article.

To see how the whole process works in Salestio, please check this video. It covers everything mentioned above and even more.

Integrate Amazon listings to Shopify store with Salestio

Update Amazon stock and/or prices from Shopify

After the products are connected in the Selling List and displayed in the Linked statuses, it is possible to instantly sync Shopify stock and prices to Amazon. To do so, select the products, click More Actions, and chose the “Update QTY & Price” action.

Sync stock and prices from the Selling List in Salestio
Sync stock and prices from the Selling List in Salestio

To update all products in the Selling List, you can select the whole Selling List from the Selling Lists page.

If you would like to update only stock or only price, you can do so from the More Actions menu. However, the automatic synchronization will still work for both QTY and Price unless it was modified in the Salestio Settings.

In this article, we covered everything that helps you get started to sync Amazon Inventory to your Shopify products. Salestio offers even more sophisticated price and stock synchronization settings. You can find more details on this in our support articles:

Contact us at support@salest.io or use a contact form in our help center.

You can find Salestio on the Shopify app store. The documentation page for various Salestio integrations is available at our help center.

Have any ideas or suggestions on what topic we should talk about next in our blog? Do not hesitate to let us know.

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