Hello all! Today we try a different format and instead of a big detailed article try to publish small tips that could help you use our Salestio — Shopify Amazon application a bit more easily.

As we describe in previous articles in our blog, exporting products to the amazon marketplace is possible in different ways:

And as far as we can see, the amazon catalog is growing on a daily base, and connecting products to existing amazon listings become one of the common and popular case scenarios.

And it also works if you don’t have Barcode for your product. You still can connect to the existing products on amazon seller central or catalog with matching by ASIN code.

Amazon Standard Identification Number or ASIN is a 10-character identifier of a product on the Amazon marketplace.

The ASIN code could find out in the URL of the product on the amazon marketplace (please check the picture above).

What does this mean for the seller on Shopify Store?

Basically, you don’t need UPC or EAN code to be set inside the Shopify product. Instead, you can enter the ASIN code inside Salestio integration.

This could be done on the Selling List product view page. And you have the possibility to set custom ASIN.

In such cases when a product is exported to amazon matching to the amazon catalog is done by ASIN code instead of the barcode.

Selling on multiple marketplaces in the same Region

If you selling on a single Amazon marketplace, let’s say Amazon Germany, one of the possible ways to increase sales, it’s also to export your products to other Amazon marketplaces in the same region.

Usually, Sellers in the EU region have access to most of the amazon marketplaces in this region (UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, NL, ….). For the North American region, it’s access to the US, CA, and MX.

The products under the same region usually share the same ASIN code. So it’s not necessary to find a specific ASIN code for Amazon France if you already have an ASIN code for Amazon Deutschland.

And another important notice, if your product for some reason does not exist on the new marketplace, amazon will attend to create a listing and automatically translate its description to marketplace-specific language.

Salestio Shopify Amazon integration also helps you with reducing manual work. If you already set ASIN codes for one of the marketplaces in added account region, products for other marketplaces in the same region will share the same ASIN code, and there is no need to add it two times.

If we have Selling List with two products in the UK marketplace where we already set an ASIN code:

And then we create a new Selling List in the DE marketplace and add the same products there:

Important notice: such ASIN propagation works between Selling Lists with the same amazon account connected. So if you add the same region account multiple times but with different marketplaces, it will not work.

Also if you export products to amazon from different regions (UK and US), then ASIN codes very often are different. And in every case, you need to provide it manually inside Selling Listings.

Hope this small blog post helps you with exporting products to multiple marketplaces.

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