Our todays topic is an overview of the Salestio Application. When you start doing multi-channel sales, one of the critical topics is to make everything synchronized and avoid extra manual work with synchronizing qty, prices. And for POD products automatize orders shipping.

Salestio is a tool that allows you to connect your marketplace channels to your online store. And make all routine operations automatic.

Video content:

  • Installation of Salestio – Amazon & Ebay & Etsy integration to Shopify store
  • Adding an amazon account to Salestio
  • Download amazon inventory and match it to Shopify products
  • What is a Global profile
  • What is the Amazon profile
  • A quick check for the Creation profile
  • Selling List created with Collection mode
  • Auto-migrated Selling List for UK marketplace
  • Price & Qty synchronization for amazon listings connected to Shopify products

Salestio application you can find on Shopify app store — Salestio – Amazon & Ebay Integration

What next?

Next week we will check in detail how to create a new product on amazon using Salestio Creation Profiles.

You will see that in this way you can speed up the process of exporting the Shopify catalog and start doing a successful POD business.

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