When it comes to dealing with eCommerce, few platforms do it better than PrestaShop – one of the top online business building options, PrestaShop is a huge advantage for businesses, both new and established.
Nonetheless, as a leading eCommerce construction platform, there are more than a few integrations which allow you to take advantage of other companies’ solutions in addition to building off PrestaShop. While that might be a given to some, one thing that stands out above the rest is Printify integrations for PrestaShop.
Another leading solution, albeit for a completely different market, Printify is a growing player in print-on-demand products. Letting you add your design then go, Printify prints your shirts and other products, on-demand, across their 600+ product line.
Although Printify has been growing quickly for the last few years, bringing its solutions to PrestaShop means that you’ll have the ability to not only scale your business faster but more efficiently and profitably. PrestaShop helps you build the framework for your online business, with Printify taking care of the printing side.

Why Print-On-Demand?

Print-on-demand services are big for a big reason; they’re easily customizable and they’re easily produced and shipped. With a platform like Printify, you have hundreds of unique templates to build on, with a massive global network of printers to connect with, alongside quick shipping and quick production. Compared to doing everything in-house or in bulk, on-demand options give you the chance to decide exactly what you want, as soon as it’s needed.

As for the customer side, print-on-demand gives much greater customization and a wider variety of options in choosing the right product. Otherwise, the options are much more limited, thanks in part to just how condensed standard options can get. It’s pretty easy to assume that you know this already, but it’s important, if you didn’t, to realize that printing on-demand can save money and time when done right.

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Fortunately, Printify does do it right, and it’s integrated within more than a few eCommerce platforms, now including PrestaShop. Although that might not seem too significant, we’ve got a few reasons that might do a bit to change your mind.

Customization on Customization

Printify is a big service for a few reasons – while some like the prices across their supplies, others like the sheer variety of products, and the rest like the on-demand printing. The only issue in the past, for those working with PrestaShop, has been in finding a suitable company with services that allow you to customize virtually every product you have, and have them printed on-demand.

Other solutions might require bulk purchases in advance, printing days or weeks beforehand, or other restrictions on options. Printify is a huge help in just how customizable the company’s processes are, letting you run with any order as soon as it’s placed. That not only means that you don’t have to stockpile products in advance, but also that you can fulfill orders much faster.

On top of that, too, you have PrestaShop’s customization options, letting you build a store around Printify, specifically, or just incorporating it as an option within your company’s site. The big plus in using both services, especially with them being as heavily integrated as they are, is the options you’re given, in the products you supply, the way you supply them, and the place you supply them.

Built for Stores

After all, PrestaShop is one of the leading open-source eCommerce platforms available, meaning you literally have any option you want at your fingertips. Printify’s integration makes any option or plan in mind that much easier, combining their customizable services with the unlimited ability of an open-source store engine like PrestaShop.

The platform has over 300 built-in features already, letting you template your store in any manner you want, whether utilizing Printify’s on-demand printing options or simply to sell your products otherwise.  In whatever way you do use PrestaShop, the big addition of Printify means that you can quickly integrate an on-demand system to keep up with demand as it comes.

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Printify is obviously built around stores already, being easy to use and integrated within Etsy, eBay, Shopify, Squarespace, and now PrestaShop, although the quickly customizable options of PrestaShop mean that you’re able to create whatever store comes to mind, on a platform already built to handle transactions, payments, supplies, and other integrations.

Both can be used easily for commercial or personal purposes, but they really shine when placed in combination with an eCommerce store. After all, PrestaShop has a shop in its name, and Printify has been a leading on-demand product printer and supplier for the last few years. When put together, you’ve got a great combination building around the concept of a quick and easy eCommerce process.

More Options

Another huge aspect of integrating Printify with PrestaShop is the option to continue expanding your company’s reach. Although PrestaShop itself is enough of a platform for you to build your company site and leave it be, you’ll also have the opportunity to connect your store and Printify services, to other platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify.

Ebay Integration

Printify by default gives you the option to directly integrate into the ebay marketplace. This includes exporting products, importing orders, and fulfilling your products automatically from the Printify interface.

But if you would like to have everything in one place, in your PrestaShop store, you would need to have a special tool that could help you integrate ebay directly with your PrestaShop store.

Salestio – Prestashop ebay Integration, have the full possibility of the integration of PrestaShop store with ebay. And because PrestaShop also has integration to POD Printify service, it means you can also export your customizable products to ebay from the PrestaShop store.

What are the benefits of this? It’s simple, in your Prestashop store you will have a full overview of all your sales, you also can handle orders from ebay in the same way as you are doing it with normal e-commerce orders. This gives you a huge possibility for remarketing and calculation of different healthy metrics for the business.

If you would like to try Salestio – PrestaShop eBay Integration, you can request a free trial using this our Trial form

Amazon Integration

Printify service does not provide direct integration with the Amazon marketplace. So it’s not possible to export products or import orders for delivery to end users. Amazon is the largest marketplace, and to expand your business it’s a huge opportunity for merchants to sell products also here.

Salestio – PrestaShop Amazon integration, gives you the possibility to export your POD products to amazon, import amazon orders to PrestaShop, and then send it for processing on Printify. Without such integration, all these operations need to be done manually by merchants. That, in fact, reduces the benefits of selling print-on-demand products.

Salestio — PrestaShop Amazon Integration has a free 30 trials, that could be requested from our website using the Trial form


Printify and Prestashop connection, not only does this make it easier to expand your audience, but it also gives you access to a service that’s incredibly efficient, customizable, and, yet again, on-demand, meaning that you’ll only have to deal with the stock that you’re sending directly to the customer. Ironically, however, you’re not limited to just on-demand options too.

Printify, on top of printing your tees, socks, and more on the spot, has additional services letting you print in bulk, transfer products, and more. When it comes to selling products, Printify lets you create virtually whatever you have in mind, and PrestaShop lets you sell out the products throughout whatever, personally customized store you want.

On top of customization, both platforms are amazing when it comes to the options and abilities they give you. Again, whether you’re a new retail platform or an established business, Printify and PrestaShop are amazing options when put together.