Case Study: Create new listings with variations of the Amazon “Shirt” product type

Salestio helps to automate the process of creating new Amazon listings. Last time, we explored how to create listings for drinking cups. But what if the items have variants, and a lot of them? Today, we dive into variations and how to make them work with Amazon properly. This example will be done on two […]

Case Study: Create new listings of the Amazon “Drinking Cup” product type

Amazon is big, and its catalog holds a huge number of products. Still, as a seller, you might need to add a brand-new item to the catalog in order to get listed. The biggest challenge is providing Amazon with all the little details and product specifics to get the product up.

Luckily, Salestio can help to automate this process. Today, we will show how to specify all the details in a Creation Profile and list new products on Amazon.

Sync It Your Way: Optimizing Stock Management for Multi-Platform Sales

Selling on multiple platforms at once allows more market reach, and, of course, sales. But what if your Amazon customers are in a different country than Etsy customers? What if eBay orders are fulfilled by a different company? How to make a limited sale without ruining all warehouse accounting?

Maximize Your Holiday Sales in 2023 with Salestio

The holiday season is a critical time for online merchants, offering a significant opportunity to boost sales and customer engagement. Salestio serves as an essential tool for seamlessly managing your online business during this busy period. This article outlines how Salestio can help you prepare for the Holiday Season of 2023, ensuring that your operations run smoothly across various online marketplaces and e-commerce platforms.

Customization on the imported orders from Amazon, eBay, and Etsy

Amazon, eBay, and Etsy offer unique ways for buyers to personalize their purchases. In this article, we’ll explore the practical aspects of these customization features, helping sellers navigate the nuances and leverage them to enhance customer satisfaction and sales.

Connect Etsy Listings with Shopify Products using Salestio

Managing inventory across two platforms simultaneously can be a real challenge for online sellers. In today’s video, we’re diving deep into how you can seamlessly link your existing Etsy listings to Shopify products. Moreover, we’ll explore how to synchronize stock and price updates from Shopify to the Etsy marketplace. To achieve this, we’ll utilize the […]

Extend Etsy Listings data with specific attributes

Learn why etsy item attributes are crucial for online sellers. Discover how to enhance your product listings using Salestio etsy integration for Shopify

Best Online Marketplaces for Selling Products

Discover the best online marketplaces for selling your products. Make an informed choice to maximize sales and profits.

Magento vs Shopify

Choosing the right eCommerce platform is a pivotal decision for any online merchant. This blog post aims to compare two leading platforms, Shopify and Magento, to help you make an informed choice

Understanding eBay Listing Unit Prices

eBay, a leading online marketplace, thrives on clarity and precision in product listings. One crucial component of this clarity is the unit price. This metric serves as a transparent reflection of a product’s cost per unit, guiding potential buyers in their decision-making process. As sellers aim to optimize their listings for maximum appeal and profitability, understanding the intricacies of unit pricing becomes paramount. This guide delves deep into the concept, its significance, and its application through integration tools like Salestio.