Amazon Marketplace is improving the quality of the service every day, as well as providing access to new features, and improving a way of protecting personal data.

On the 1st of August, the part of old amazon functionality integrated into our services will stop working. Here we will explain what needs to be done to avoid any service interruption.

What happens?

Technical details: start of August for amazon is scheduled for depreciation of legacy Amazon Merchant Web Services related to download orders and submitting reports.

Instead of using it, all develop switch to use the new modern Seller Partner API. The Salestio team did this as well.

Using of new API services is possible only with a new authorization flow. That integrated already into Salestio from the middle of April. So all new users should already using new way of auth flow and don’t expect any issues on 1st August.

Should I be worried?

If you are a new user of Salestio, most of all there is no need to be worried about such changes.

Salestio team currently monitoring a list of customers that still use old connections and will send emails with requests to update the connection of accounts to avoid service distribution.

How to re-connect account

Please navigate to page Salestio > Accounts, and then select your account for edit.

Mark the checkbox that you read and checked the policy and then click on Save account.

You will see new window where you will be need to login to your amazon account and activate access to Salestio.

Please notice: it’s important to verify that you login with your amazon seller central and not amazon pay account. If you already login with your seller central account, please log out first and then login again

What happens if are you using a self-hosted version (PrestaShop)

If you are using the self-hosted version (which currently applies only to PrestaShop clients), you need to update your installation to version 2.2.0. More information is in our blog post at involic.com

Something not working or you have questions

Please reach us via email support@salest.io if you have any questions or need help.

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