Salestio offers a simple way to create new items on eBay and Etsy after you set it up. Our today topic is connected to one of the Error Messages you can face when exporting products to eBay and Etsy marketplaces using the Salestio solution. 

The error message is: “Error during submitting Selling Product with the title [Your Product Title] to Etsy / Ebay. Etsy / Ebay category not found for product, please adjust Creation Profile”. 

This message might appear after you create the Selling List, add the products to it, and try to export this product to eBay or Etsy marketplace. The products will appear in the Error status for eBay and the Linking Error status for Etsy.

This error means that Salestio doesn’t have the configuration added on how to convert details of Shopify products to marketplace listing. 

To fix this error, we need to create or adjust our Creation Profile. This is a system for adding the mapping for Shopify product types/collections to identify in what eBay or Etsy category the products will be placed. eBay and Etsy also will need some additional information like item condition, brand, etc. You will also be able to add them to the mapping.

To edit a Creation Profile or create a new one, please navigate to page Profiles, then select the tab “Creation Profiles”. Then proceed to selecting one that you need to modify or create a new one.

Inside a Creation Profile, please append a new mapping. First, select a condition. You can use condition by product type, collection, or product category. Based on this collection Salestio will match your product to configuration.

Then please choose the marketplace category corresponding to your product and set all required Item Specifics. After finishing setting all data, please click on the “Add new mapping” button. Save your result inside the Creation Profile. 

Specify marketplace info and add the mapping

If the Creation profile is added but you still receive this error after sending the products to eBay or Etsy, check if it is assigned to the Selling List that you are trying to send. 

The Creation profile can be assigned inside the Selling List configuration, or the connected eBay Profile (only for eBay integration). Don’t forget that open “Allow Product creation” needs to be activated as well, and the related Creation profile is selected.

Etsy: select Creation Profile in Selling List
eBay: select Creatio Profile in the Ebay Profile

Save changes and try to export products to the online marketplace. 

In some cases, you may face a similar issue, even if you already have a Creation Profile. This may happen if the Creation Profile doesn’t contain a mapping that corresponds to your product details. 

For example, the product does not belong to the Product Type or Collection assigned in the Creation profile. 

In this case, please navigate to the Creation Profile and edit the existing mapping conditions. Please verify the condition added to a line. One of the common issues we are seeing here is that product matching is selected as “all conditions”, instead of  “any conditions”. 

Click “Edit” to change the mapping

With all conditions, the product could be only matched when all available conditions fit into product details. With “any conditions” require that only one of the conditions matches the condition list.

For eBay integration, Salestio offers an even more simple way of providing Product Creation data. Using the “Listing creation data” feature inside the Selling List product view, you have a way to provide detailed product creation data, directly for the specified listing. 

Assign individual specifics directly to the Selling List

That’s all for today. Hope this information will help you effectively use Salestio and export your products to online marketplaces.

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