Uploading your Shopify products to Amazon is a great way to expand the store and reach more buyers. However, your store products may not be organized in the same way Amazon needs them to be. That is fine because today we explore the creation of listings with variations on Amazon and explain how to make it work with your Shopify variation labels through Salestio.

Salestio is a useful tool for sellers to expand their Shopify store to Amazon among other platforms. To start selling, check out the beginner guide on our blog.

The problem

Amazon requires one of the predefined values for a lot of specifics like size, color, language, etc. When listing a product without variants, Salestio makes it easy to just select one specific from the list:

When configuring to send items with variations, you can use [product_attribute_value(‘Size’)] instead. This will send your exact Shopify variations. If your variations are “Small”, “Medium”, and “Extra Large”, they will be incompatible with Amazon and result in an error during publishing that looks like the one below:

The field Size contains invalid value "Extra Large"

This error happens because Amazon expects “x_l”, but gets “Extra Large”.

How to assign the correct Amazon variations

If your Shopify variations have the right labels already, you don’t need to change the variation labels in the Shopify store, nor do you need additional settings. Since sellers are unlikely to have variations like “x_l” or “numeric_109”, Salestio introduced Variation Mappings. The system allows sellers to map the variation names from Shopify to those expected by Amazon.

To access your Variation Mapping, start by creating a mapping line in your Creation Profile. Indicate that products have variations and click on “Variation Mapping”:

It is now possible to enter Shopify variation names in the left column and how this variation will be sent to Amazon in the right one. We will return to our example earlier and show a sample mapping:

This mapping will ensure that Amazon accepts any of your variations as a valid size or any other kind of variation.

After adding all of your variants to the table, continue configuring the Creation Profile as usual. If you want to learn more about configuring Salestio to publish items on Amazon, check out one of our recent blog posts.

Try Salestio

If you are new to multichannel sales, Salestio is a big help to a beginner. The app offers tools not only for Amazon but also eBay and Etsy. Start with a 30-day trial or pick a free-to-install plan and see how it works for you.

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