If you want to sell on eBay, it is important to learn about Business Policies. Using Business Policy templates helps to streamline product listing and ensures consistent settings for your product lines.

Today we explore how the Business Policy system works, and how Salestio takes advantage of it to make the listing process faster.

What Business Policies are

eBay’s Business Policies is a feature set designed to help sellers manage the rules of handling shipping, payment, and returns efficiently.

Sellers can create customized templates for their shipping, payment, and return policies. These templates allow sellers to specify details such as shipping methods, handling times, accepted payment methods, and return periods.

Payment Policy

Payment Policy is where you specify the payment methods that buyers can use to pay for your products. It allows using only the payment methods offered at eBay checkout. You can set if immediate payment is required when a buyer clicks “Buy It Now”.

Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy includes the shipping services for both domestic and international shipping, handling time, shipping rates, and excluded shipping locations. The seller should provide shipping using the shipping service the buyer selected at checkout.

Return Policy

Return Policy defines whether you accept returns, within how many days, and who pays for the returned shipping — you or the buyer. 

Set it up on eBay

To configure Business Policies on your eBay account, go to Account Settings > Selling > Business Policies. For eBay US, follow the link below:

To set the settings on other marketplaces, make sure to open the respective site (replace ebay.com with ebay.co.uk, ebay.it, etc.)

If you are opening the Business Policies section for the first time, click “Get started”

Here you can view, add, edit, delete, and clean up (remove unneeded policies, or add details to existing policies). You can also view how many listings use a particular policy. When you go to the specific policy, you can also set it as default.

Add at least one Payment, Shipping, and Return Policy to make full use of the templates.

Things to keep in mind

  • The presets are configured for each marketplace separately. For example, if you are selling on ebay.com and ebay.it, you will need to configure the templates on both websites.
  • Changing business policies here will affect the active listings that are using them. This is useful for changing a lot of listings in bulk.

How Salestio uses Business Policies

You are all set, and it is now possible to create a Selling List for sending your store items to eBay. The selection will be available at the bottom of the Selling List creation page:

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Selecting Business Policies in Listing creation data

You might have some items that need to use a different set of policies. This can be handled right away to avoid creating another Selling List. After the item is added to the Selling List, click on “Listing creation data”:

Select the specifics in the new dialogue and click save:

Now this item will use a custom set of specifics and business policies. Select the item and click “Send to eBay” to list it. If the item was listed already, run the “Full Revise” action instead, it will update the product with new settings.

Common issues

Business policy is required

Your Business Policies may not be available in the Selling List, preventing it from creation:

Here are a couple of possible reasons:

  • Policies have not synced to Salestio yet.
    It might take some time before policies become available for selection in the Selling List. If this happens, click “Refresh Business Policies” to see the new entries.
  • Policies are added to the wrong marketplace.
    eBay handles Business Policies separately for each marketplace. If you created a set of policies on ebay.it, they will not be available if you select Germany marketplace in the Selling List. To resolve this, check if you selected the right marketplace in the Selling List and added policies on the right website (ebay.de for Germany, ebay.it for Italy, etc.)

This concludes the guide today. If you are new to Salestio, feel free to get your Free 30-day trial here. Are you hesitant about eBay in favor of Etsy? Salestio supports both, but we compiled the pros and cons for sellers who need it.

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