Every business is always looking for new ways to increase revenue and presents across global marketplaces. And Amazon nowadays is a key player in the global e-commerce industry. But it is necessary to reconsider the development strategy when entering the amazon market. In this article, we will look for tips and parts that you need to consider when start selling your products on the Amazon marketplace.

What to consider when entering the Amazon market?

Even if you have an extra budget to start in a new market, it’s critical to saving money during starting a new account on amazon. Amazon marketplace is very strict with sellers and every mistake could cost you money. Please take a look at our article where we show an example of the calculation of amazon fees – Is Selling on Amazon Profitable

So before starting selling on amazon, you need to consider of following operations:

  • Product preparation — creating photos of products, designing and preparing products for international markets
  • Product promotion and marketing strategy — amazon give a batch of tools for promoting products, but this could be very expensive for new sellers

When starting with amazon selling, the first question that comes to the seller is whether just publishing a product as it is present on the online store, is enough to have successful sales from this channel?

There is no easy answer to this question. In general, very popular and demanded products could be sold without doing any specific changes to the product description. But if you want to reach your sales goal, you need to work hard to make the product visible in this demanded market.

How to prepare products for Amazon?

When selling on Amazon, merchant product is represented as Listing. The main task of the listing is to convey to the customer the maximum information about the product but to do it briefly, clearly, and succinctly.

Additionally, a seller needs to consider some requirements from amazon. For example, amazon required that all product images represent products on white background. And another type of image could be not accepted by this marketplace.

Amazon Listing Top Part

Most amazon buyers only look for products photo, without looking for descriptions. So item descriptions should represent and highlight the main parts of products.

One of the good pieces of advice is to use infographics for product images. This is something that could impress a potential customer and convey the content of the proposal with a minimum of text.

Infographics could show Key product features

Amazon is a great place for creativity. Using amazon you can go an extra step and here are many opportunities to declare your products.

Another important part of listing it’s — Enhanced Brand Content (or Amazon A+ Content).

Amazon product description is not visible on page by customer

With Amazon Enhanced Brand Content and Amazon seller, you can clearly differentiate yourself from the competition. You can use the following additional features:

  • More text snippets
  • More options for images and graphics
  • Ability to set a video in place of the main image

But please notice that EBC is available only for sellers with registered own Brands.

EBC is an extended version of the listing. Everything that does not fit or has been reduced is posted in this section.

All Amazon EBCs contains a logo, a text description, and up to 5 other modules. You can choose from 5 different templates or create your own. You manage your EBC through Amazon Seller Central.

Enhanced Brand Content give area for creativity

Currently, sellers could post the following sections into the listing:

  • Product Title
  • Product Bullet Points
  • Product Description
  • Additional content (EBC for brands)

So even if you don’t have access to EBC, you can add plenty of data for amazon products inside the Title, Bullet Points, and Product Description.

Important factors for a good Amazon ranking

Another important question for every amazon seller is ranking your products in marketplaces.

First, it’s about your listing content

Or in other words, it’s Amazon SEO. The main question here is how amazon recognizes that you are searching for t-shirts and not dog food.

It’s come from a number of points:

  • Name of product
  • Product Bullet points
  • Description of product
  • Product classification (product specifics, category locations, and others)

Amazon’s SEO process is very complex and sensitive. Just adding t-shirts to your product’s title or other elements, will not give much of a help and better ranking.

So a lot of experiments are usually needed. But first, if all think about your customer, how it’s look for your products. And don’t think about the amazon search engine to index your products.

The second factor is amazon reviews

As every seller for every new product, you need to think about your buyer and ask them to provide a review. The number of reviews is one of the key indicators for other sellers to make a choice to purchase this item.

Not only count of review, but number of stars

The most tricky one is a first reviewer. And if you have a perfect product no one will give you a review. So you need politely ask users for it. And if you got a negative review, try to do your best to fix it.

And last, but not least — Conversion rate

Another important metric in Amazon optimization is conversion rate. The conversion rate — it’s the percentage of your product’s views to the number of purchases of these products. The main goal should always be to keep this ratio as high as possible. Amazon places an extremely high value on this metric. Conversely, this means that you should be able to maintain a high conversion rate with every Amazon online marketing measure.

Plan, analyze, sell

Start selling on amazon is a multi-step action, that you need to do

  1. First, it’s the plan your strategy, budget, and what should be sold on amazon
  2. Market and competitors analysis — verify your idea, and look for competitors’ products. In order not to waste money, you need to make sure that the chosen business model will work on Amazon.
  3. Start selling, with proper product preparation and following all platform rules. Proper set data for the Amazon store, in accordance with all the rules of the marketplace. Amazon could easily ban new sellers, this happens very often if you don’t read all rules they ask to follow. And after the ban, you can’t re-register. Improperly filling out the listings leads not only to negative promotion results but also to additional financial costs.

Please also consider the cost of importing products, and setting a proper description. In the best-case scenario, for a single listing, you will spend from 1$-5$

Advertising on Amazon costs money and costs a lot. The settings list of Ads is very flexible and you need to have experience and understanding of what and how to do it. Otherwise, all budgets will be eaten without any results.

Amazon ADs is good way to get more sales, but it’s very expensive

And don’t forget that amazon is not the seller’s only platform. Focus on external places, outside of amazon. Like Facebook, Instagram, and own website.

The competition on Amazon is too high. Therefore, we can recommend starting with the analysis of competitors to really stand out. Don’t forget that a significant part of Amazon buyers purchases goods through a mobile device, so your products need to be adapted to the mobile version as well.

Handling sales, synchronize stock, and automatization

When you start selling on amazon and start to receive orders, it’s become truly critical to maintaining correct stock across all changes. And also have a useful and flexible way of handling amazon orders, together with orders from all other channels.

It does not matter what you are using Shopify, Bigcommerce, Shopware, or PrestaShop, you can face the problem where you need to update the price or stock for all your inventory in all places. If you do this manually it could lead to time-consuming operations. So it’s important to think about proper automatisation for multi-channel connections.

Our application Salestio is specially built for this purpose. Using our tool you can use your online website as a powerful control panel for your business in multi-channel sales.

Why Salestio is different from other tools?

Because we allow you to manage your external marketplaces not leaving your store. We simplify and automatize all routine operations and at the same time give full flexibility to the configuration of your products that should be exported to marketplaces.


Amazon has a huge market in online commerce, and it totally makes sense to consider it as a place for your products. But it’s important that sellers need to be prepared to start amazon sales and also need to do extra preparation work. The cost of mistakes could be very high.

In our blog, we cover also other aspects of e-commerce sales.

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