Salestio is a useful tool for managing multiple sales platforms right from your Shopify store. The app turns creating a large number of Amazon products into a quick process that happens in the background. Today we will set up the app for listing a wall charger.

If the products already exist on Amazon, adding a Creation Profile is not necessary. Also, check out the guide for linking existing Amazon items.

Adding a Creation Profile

Creation Profiles enable the addition and extension of Amazon listing information, ensuring proper categorization on the marketplace. All specific product details are defined within these profiles.

To create a new profile, navigate to Salestio > Profiles > Creation profiles and click “Add Creation profile.”

The profile comprises two parts: settings for all mappings and the mappings connecting Shopify products with Amazon categories. Add basic details and proceed to the Condition selection.

Condition defines which Shopify product group is placed in the following Amazon category. Our Shopify products have a “Wall charger” product type, so we indicate it here:

Category and Product type define which specific fields you can and should add to the product. Here is how these settings look for our item:

After picking the product type, a list of item specifics will appear. Feel free to add all of the relevant information and use Shopify metafields to speed up the process. However, some fields are required for any given product type. Here are the required fields for “Charging adapter”:

Bullet Point 1; Manufacturer; Input Voltage; Input Voltage Unit; Output Current; Output Current Unit; Output Voltage; Output Voltage Unit; Number of Ports; GDPR Risk; Dangerous goods regulations.

Check the help page to find out the required fields for other Amazon product types. Also, check out similar case studies for Shirt and Drinking Cup product types.

After all the details are added, scroll down to the bottom and click “Add mapping”. To save the new Creation Profile, click “Add Profile”.

Set up the products to sell

To make use of the new Creation Profile, enable product creation in the Amazon Profile.

Create a Selling List and add the desired products. When adding a Selling List, make sure to select the Amazon Profile from the last step:

It is possible to customize prices to make them higher or lower on Amazon. Check out our post on custom pricing rules to learn more.

Send the products to Amazon

After the products are added, let’s send them to Amazon. Select the items and click the “Send to Amazon” action. Wait for 15 minutes, and the status should change to “Linked”:


Listing on Amazon can seem a bit intricate, but with Salestio, it’s a breeze. While setting it up might take a little time, the finished profiles simplify sending products in batches and make bulk updates quick and easy.

Try the app for yourself to see how it works for your store. If you need any assistance, feel free to reach out to support@salest.io or look for the help widget inside the app. The team is always happy to help!

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